Your All-on-Four® Dental Implants in Coconut Creek

When you have entire arches of missing teeth, it can negatively affect your smile's functionality and lessen your self-confidence. If you're looking for an effective way to replace your upper and lower sets of teeth, All-on-Four dental implants may be perfect for you. At Quality Dentistry, our board-certified dental implant surgeon, Dr. John Moushati, is proud to provide All-on-Four to adults from all walks of life.

You can rest assured that our dental team will work to make your overall experience as relaxing and stress-free as possible. From dental implant placement to pretreatments like bone grafts, you can rely on our practice for every step of your journey. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment and take the first step toward getting the Coconut Creek All-on-Four you deserve!


What is All-on-Four?

All-on-Four is a term used to refer to the cutting-edge dental implant technique that replaces your upper and lower sets of teeth with implant-supported dentures. One of the crucial differences between All-on-Four and traditional implant-supported dentures is that the former uses four implant posts instead of the upwards of six used in the traditional procedure. By using fewer implant posts it lessens the impact on your smile and reduces your overall time in the exam chair.

If you're unsure whether you're an ideal candidate for All-on-Four, some of the criteria include:

  • You have no natural teeth left.
  • You currently wear traditional dentures.
  • Your dentures have very little retention.
  • Your gums hurt when you eat.
  • You only have a few natural teeth remaining.
  • You have enough bone to retain dental implants.

How We Approach the Procedure

At Quality Dentistry, we've spent years improving our All-on-Four dental implant procedure to be as efficient and effective as possible. When you first visit our practice, Dr. Moushati will begin by conducting a comprehensive oral exam, using diagnostic tools like x-rays to examine your teeth, gums, and jawbone. From there, he'll determine if All-on-Four suits your tooth replacement needs.

Once our dentist gives you the green light, we'll begin surgically extracting any remaining teeth to make room for your dental implants. If we do have to remove some of your teeth, our office will provide you with a temporary set of dentures and then a permanent set once your mouth has healed, which normally takes around three months. A hallmark of our office is that we use computer-guided surgical technology to create detailed images of your smile, including your nerves, bones, muscles, and connective tissue. By understanding your smile's makeup, we can more accurately place your dental implants.

Providing Skilled Pretreatments

During your initial exam, Dr. Moushati may determine that you need one or multiple pretreatments before receiving your All-on-Four dental implants. Our dental team has the skills and experience to provide you with an extensive selection of pretreatment options. No matter what pretreatment you need, you can expect our team to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your appointment. Some of the pretreatment options we offer include:

  • Tooth Extractions: If you have three to four natural teeth that aren't worth keeping, our dentist can perform any necessary extractions. Once your teeth have been removed, we'll work with you to ensure that the areas heal properly so that you can receive your implants.
  • Bone Grafts: A significant obstacle in dental implants is when you don't have a healthy and strong jawbone. When bone isn't dense enough, your dental implant can't effectively fuse to your jaw. A bone graft is a surgical procedure that takes healthy bone and reinforces an otherwise weak or brittle area.
  • Sinus Lifts: A sinus lift reinforces your upper jawbone when it isn't strong enough or shaped correctly for dental implants. While similar in concept to a bone graft, the difference lies in the part of your jawbone we're working on, as sinus lifts are reserved for the upper portion of your smile and raise your sinus floor.

All-on-Four FAQs

We know how frustrating it can be to have questions about dental implants that go unanswered. That's why our friendly and communicative dental team is here to address any concerns you may have about dental implants. Some of the most frequently asked questions about our All-on-Four services include:

Will you help me with recovery?

Yes. Our team will closely monitor your smile immediately after placement. We'll look for things like how well your implants are securing and whether you're feeling pain when biting or chewing.

Your implant posts integrate with your jawbone and are designed to be permanent. The restorations, which sit on top of your implant post, can last ten years or more but may eventually need replacing due to damage or wear. Fortunately, you will not need additional surgery to replace the implant restoration.

We recommend brushing and flossing your dental implants like your natural teeth. It is also important that you maintain your regular dental appointments. By properly caring for them, you help prevent potential complications from occurring.

Skilled Coconut Creek All-on-Four Services

At Quality Dentistry, we're genuinely passionate about helping you get the beautiful and functional smile of your dreams. We accomplish this goal with quality All-on-Four dental implants that provide permanent and aesthetically pleasing tooth replacement. Dr. John Moushati and his team of seasoned dental professionals aim to take the stress out of the entire process so that you can focus solely on the results. Call us today to book your appointment with our Coconut Creek All-on-Four team!


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